Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) is a formalized means of organizing and storing an organization’s documents, and other content, that relate to the organization’s processes. The term encompasses strategies, methods, and tools used throughout the lifecycle of the content.

At RobustApps Innovations, we know the from experience that it is not enough to “manage” content. The ability to access the correct version of a document or record is important. Content must be managed so that it is used to achieve business goals. This triggered our necessity to build an Enterprise Content Management System.

Features of our Enterprise Content Management System

  • Central Repository: Accessible through robust content management software, the central repository can help drastically simplify your file sharing by handling multiple file formats coming from multiple locations–whether paper or electronic content.
  • Document Scanning: Eases file sharing and retrieval with various methods of scanning documents. Our solution offers barcoding, zonal optical character recognition and front-end methods.
  • Secure Email Files: RobustApps had to make a solution that puts an end to lost emails issues by storing incoming and outgoing emails in a system that connects them to clients, vendors and contractors–and most importantly, ensure it can easily integrate into popular email applications already in use by your organization.
  • Client Portal: RobustApps’ Engineers found out that customer accessibility to a self-service portal can take your customer service efficiency to the next level make sure it can be easily integrated with your website so you can personalize your brand.
  • Document Retrieval: Easy retrieval of all documents should be searchable by contacts, advanced filters and keywords to speed the process.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Accessible anytime, anywhere accessibility on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, tablets and other popular mobile devices, Robustapps’ ECM will allow increased productivity and help efficient operations.
  • Easy Integration: Our ECM is easily integrated with SalesForce, Microsoft Office or any other popular business application seamlessly–without a total overhaul of your current system.
  • Automated Workflow Manager: Without shifting current workflow, you should visually track straight-line processes, analyze project progress with business intelligence and determine individual users’ productivity, workflow gaps, bottlenecks and more.
  • Advanced Analytics: For transparency on vital business processes, our ECM enables easy customisation of the advanced business analytics reports as needed.
  • Cloud-based Accessibility: Safe, secure cloud storage offers the most cost-effective storage and accessibility from anywhere and in today’s business environment, lack of accessibility and connectivity can put a major dent on your bottom line. With Re-sode Africa’s ECM System, you are fully covered.