dbDatabase Development

Each application we develop uses database technology, so you’ve come to the right place if you need assistance with your database project. At RobustApps, we’ve developed database applications for a varied clientèle.

Since 2017, we’ve focused on customized database applications using advanced technologies and expert staff to build user-friendly, efficient and reliable solutions. We can help you both in relational database development as well as in document database systems and other NoSQL solutions.

As Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is Power”, especially benefiting those knowing how to control and use it. A precise and well-ordered database is crucial to success for any business or organization operating in today’s competitive economy.

Database Technologies

At RobustApps, we work solely with best-of-breed, industry-standard tools to make sure you have the support you need in years to come. Our most frequently used database technologies are as follows:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • NoSQL Databases

What Makes a Great Database Solution?

Over nearly a decade, we’ve developed some pretty good certainty about what makes for great database solutions. We believe that any great database management solution will have the following attributes:

Easy to Use

We want to provide ease of use for all users. So in our database application development process, we aim to design an application that meets and goes beyond all user expectations.


If you have to wait for an app to respond, you probably won’t use it very often or at all. All of our apps must be highly responsive to pass RobustApps’ internal inspections. While we search for several things with top performing databases, we know it’s important to not demand more data than necessary.


Of course, your information is the most important aspect of any database solution. We aim to provide secure data access only to those people you decide should see it. Securing your data at high, low or no access levels is a top priority for us, and we take this issue very seriously.


A database application has a sole purpose: to protect the information it stores. A database application must maintain the quality of data it stores. To be specific, consider a student database storing varied bits of information including course attendance and exercises data. Enforcing the applications’ integrity might mean that student records cannot be deleted if related course attendance or exercises results are also in the system. This is a simple example, but one that hopefully reflects the importance of maintaining database integrity.

Key Principles


At RobustApps we emphasize database security, protecting your important information and providing easy access management for users. As such, RobustApps offers:

  • Compliance with security standards.
  • Authentication and authorization.
  • Database roles and security planning.
  • Database connections that are secure.
  • Encryption.
  • Vulnerability evaluation and database audit.


We have years of experience in constructing high-performing databases by robust architecture, fine-tuned indexes, queries and transactions, and special techniques for data caching, clustering and load balancing.  Database applications dealing with huge volumes of structured and unstructured data especially in online data processing require such optimized databases.

Specialized Database Services

At RobustApps, besides providing on-going database development in every web application development project we also offer services for specific database needs:

Database Optimization and Refactoring

At RobustApps, we know what to do when your database is suffering from critical performance or scalability issues. We can fix those issues and remove undue blockages. We offer the following services:

  • Full database refactoring.
  • Database analysis and testing.
  • System improvements.