In terms of current technology, RobustApps has a place, if it has competition at all. We have embraced Backend as a Service in development. BaaS is the key to helping companies deliver their mobile products in time and budget. BaaS is helpful when delivering your first mobile app, and becomes key when delivering ten or twelve apps a year.

What is Backend as a Service?

Also known as Mobile Backend as a Service, BaaS or MBaaS, Backend as a Service is a way for developers to link to back-end cloud-based storage, most often for push notifications, data storage, file storage, messaging queues, monitoring and configuration, and social integration. BaaS as an alternative to traditional development, bringing more services to your customers in a quick mobile format.

Three Main Benefits of BaaS

  1. Eliminates redundant stack setup for each app.
  2. Eliminates boilerplate code.
  3. All within one model.

Together these benefits help developers build native mobile apps faster with greater ease. Instead of worrying about REST API code semantics and dealing with security models such as OAuth implementation, a developer only needs to learn three or so repeatable lines of code: connecting to the account, mapping to the collection and filtering down.

Of course this is all dependent upon API providers offering an SDK, but nearly all have iOS, Android and JavaScript. SDK support for JAVA, .NET, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Node.js is growing as well.

If you already have your own Data Source, you can bring-your-own backend with an API Gateway.